nano micro
product 1

Adjust queues!

These are the simplest and most accessible systems from the range of AKIS queue management solutions. Use AKIS MICRO whenever you need to organise clients in a single queue. This solution is ideal both for small enterprises engaged in client care and for entities with a small number of operators providing service.


AKIS MICRO - is the most effective solution of this type. From now on, small enterprises can have a high tech solution to enhance their image!
product 2

Supervise process!

Your organisation simply needs an e-queue! Do you need data about the work of your employees and the needs of your clients? Would you like to learn more about your clients since your clients mean your income? But you are not ready to pay for a professional system because they are so expensive. We have a solution for you - AKIS LITE


AKIS LITE - is queue management system featuring all the advantages of a comprehensive system for a reasonable price. Why should you pay more?

nano micro
product 3

Control business!

The image of your organisation and its attractiveness for visitors is an important aspect of your business. But an even more important feature is the system’s inherent flexibility combined with its apparent simplicity. Pay attention to the wishes of clients and create maximum convenience for your staff, and the number of clients served will increase right away. AKIS PRO means maximum flexibility.


AKIS PRO - is queue management system which exceeds your expectations.