When entering a public office with a queue management system installed, visitors firstly see the ticket issuing machine. The task of the terminal is to help visitors quickly select the required service and be simple and convenient to use. These are the objectives communicated to the designers and developers of the terminals of AKIS queue management systems. Below we present an entire range of models starting from simple ticket dispensers and ending with multifunctional terminals with sensor monitors and the opportunity to connect additional information input devices.
Operator control panels constitute an integral part of queue management systems since this is the primary management tool. In consideration of the peculiarities of the application of queue management systems in various organisations, the AKIS system offers different methods of queue management ranging from simple control panels which do not require special training to multifunctional devices with an advanced selection of tools.
LED displays constitute an important element of most electronic queuing solutions and enable clients to view the movement of the queue as they wait for their turn. These displays have high contrast and brightness features, thus ensuring the visibility of information from a distance and in conditions of bright light, while at the same time consuming minimal electric power. Several ranges of displays based on different light diode modules are supplied.