Нельзя воспроизвести

You are unique

Your success in business depends on your decisions. Be brave. The AKIS queue management system will help you to take another step toward success. It might seem unbelievable but it’s true. Less time spent queuing and better client care. These profitable solutions have never been as accessible before.

A queue in a box

Don’t be surprised! It is really so. We’ve completed major work in order to make it more convenient. From now on, electronic queues are more accessible. It’s almost the same as buying a TV set or a computer. All you need is included in the box and there are no hidden costs! A minimum of assembly is required: simply turn it on and serve your clients!

It's all obvious

Queue system may be difficult to understand when it comes to picking the right solution for your needs. Not anymore! QMS AKIS comes in3 flavors:

MICRO - Adjust queues
LITE - Supervise process
PRO - Control business
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